Teaching and Educational Technology Tweet Wrap, w/e 12-10-16

Teaching and Educational Technology Tweet Wrap, w/e 12-10-16

Inspiring, informative, useful, or just plain fun tweets posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers.

This week in the Wrap … colleges (along with many K-12 schools) continue to expand access and lower cost with Open Educational Resources (I’m proud to be able to say that we’ve eliminated paid textbooks from about 33% of our courses at , and continue to push to hit > 50%! – KW), explore the essential consideration for ensuring the accessibility of digital materials to all users, discover the Early Childhood Center in New Jersey, where they are teaching their students Spanish and Mandarin, along with tech and STEM, and getting the world’s attention (there are two articles about this school below, one after the other), then wrap it all up with a laugh in a classic video showing kids reacting to old computers! Enjoy!

Essentials of Digital Accessibility

Business can offer free connectivity to those who need it most. Here’s why it must

Inside the #OER Revolution in Higher Ed

Reluctant to Flip Your Class? My Story May Change Your Mind

Use Stories to Help Students See Possibilities for Helping Others

How to make higher education technology investments that pay off

You should probably still avoid toys that talk with your kids

A Taxonomy For Transfer: 14 Ways Learners Can Transfer What They Know

Ground Breaking School: Students at NJ school learn 3 languages, STEM

How to Fix the Country’s Failing Schools. And How Not To.

If You Had $45 Billion, What Would You Do to Improve Education?

Technology Feels Like It’s Accelerating – Because It Actually Is

#MOOC Course Report: December 2016: 1100+ free MOOCs starting this month!

Interesting? Disturbing? Learning Activities Delivered by Eloquent Instructor Avatars

A whole new take on the old “shop class” Xmas gift: 3D printed ornaments!

These are Hilarious [Kids React to Old Computers]

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